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Updated Refund Policy

Last Updated on Dec 23th, 202123

Thank you for using New Life Paradigm Courses!

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Refund Policy

Effective: January 1, 2022

For all Programs, satisfaction is our aim.

We intend for clients to get the results they invested in the program to achieve. For that reason, most programs require a consultation before signing up in order to determine if working together makes sense and what is the best program to create the results you want. We offer a complimentary "Life ReImagined" Session for that purpose. 

To keep people from downloading the program and then asking for a refund, without using it, we request specific feedback as to what result you are seeking and why the program failed to get you that result before offering a refund. 

Our Guarantees for any program is that you will get the result you want or the tools to create it. In our money programs, you will triple your investment at minimum or if you do the program as it is constructed including any tasks your coach asks you to do. No tasks will be given that the coach is unwilling to do, or has not done in the past. 

Refunds will be given only after useful feedback has been received and we have had the opportunity to rectify the situation and incorporate your good feedback into the program, for improvement.

Our aim is to always get you the result you are looking for and we want you to be thrilled with that result.

All refunds will be given at cost basis , less the used portion of the package, purchased at the regular (non-package) price, if applicable (such as coaching/ events/ books) $100 on top of refund is offered on some special programs. 

Feel free to contact [email protected] in order to ask questions or inquire about a refund.