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New Life Paradigm NLP for Life Change

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Ten Minute Miracles

Visit the Creator of Miracles and get perspective and miracles using the lessons in "A Course in Miracles" student workbook. 

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Start or end your day with a meditation and access to the Creator of Miracles


Meditation to Experience Unconditional Love in Every Cell in Your Body

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In this introductory episode you will learn the meditation up to the creator of miracles as well as what makes this course different.

You will also have an experience of unconditional love filling every cell of your body. A Course in Miracles in introduced as our starting place as we access creator and ask for teaching of the principles, healing, and the experiences of the miraculous

Episode 1

The Miracle of Seeing the Meaningless

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Nothing I see in this room, on this street, from this window, in this place means anything.

We ask Creator to show us that it is safe to see things this way, that is possible to be safe while recognizing the truth in Creator's perspective of this exercise. 

Episode 2

I Created the Meaning of All of This

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I have given everything I see (in this space) all the meaning that it has for me.

Creator guides us Creator's perspective and lets us know that it is safe to understand this, it is safe to not understand the meaning and look for it on a deeper level. It is safe and possible to accept this lesson and allow it to change my life.

Episode 3

Understanding Starts Here

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I do not understand anything I see.. in this room, on this street .. in this place.

Creator guides us Creator's perspective and lets us know that it is safe to not understand, it is safe to explore the meaning of things and to look on a deeper level. It is safe and possible to accept this lesson and allow it to change my life.

Episode 4

What Am I Thinking?

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These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see in this place.

This thought about ___ does not mean anything. It is like the things I see in this room, [on this street, from this window, and so on].

A Journey to Creator of all that is helps us to see Creator's Perspective in all of this. 

Episode 5

What Causes Upset?

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am never upset for the reason I think.

I am not angry at ___ for the reason I think.
I am not afraid of ___ for the reason I think.

There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind. 

An experience of the journey to Creator is included in each episode to move us to higher understanding of Creator's truth. 

Why I Started This Podcast

This Podcast is a calling more than me just wanting to do it. It felt like Creator was telling me to share this work, and the journeys because the world needs a miracle, right now! 

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About Me

Leslie Gunterson loves people and adventure! Her curiosity and interest in life-time learning lead her to become a Master-Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy ®, NLP Coaching, and Hypnosis as well as a Certificated ThetaHealer. She holds a master's degree in education and BA in Business from California Baptist University. She has been published with Jack Canfield and other books as well as on YouTube and a new podcast. She lives in Morgan Hill, CA and enjoys traveling, hiking, biking and visiting her 7 adult children in person and on Facetime. Currently, she is looking for a female golf buddy.

Why You Should Listen To This Podcast

If you've watched or seen the news.. the world is in need of a miracle. No diagnosis, no financial need, no problem, no relationship, no government or authority can keep you from the miracles you need. 

Reason #1

It is an easy way to go through 'A Course in Miracles' student workbook exercises in an engaging way.

Reason #2

You will meet the Creator of All that is and get perspective on the lessons and what they mean for you, personally.

Reason #3

We all need a miracle of one kind or the other, at one time or another. In this podcast you will be able to access yours now, or in the future. 

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