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New Life Paradigm NLP for Life Change

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Leslie Gunterson Life Designer

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Overwhelm Buster Course, Breakthrough Overwhelm

Breakthrough Overwhelm

by Leslie Gunterson

Learn how to breakthrough feelings of overwhelm and get your game on! This short course serves you up a quick win over the emotions and gets you into inspired action.

Anxiety to Calm Confidence

Breakthrough Anxiety

by Leslie Gunterson

Learn how to manage anxiety in this mini-course. In just a few hours you can be feeling back in charge of your life and ready to calmly and confidently move forward. 

Breakthrough Cravings for Junk Food and Alcholo

Breakthrough Cravings

by Leslie Gunterson

Learn evidence-based tricks to win over cravings for sugar, snack foods, carbohydrates, chocolate, and alcohol so that you can be in charge of your eating and your health again

Release Your Inner Money Magnet and Change Your Money Beliefs

Breakthrough Money Problems and Beliefs

by Leslie Gunterson

Learn how to identify and change your beliefs about money, your worth and values in order to release your inner money magnet. This alone will change your level of abundance.

New Single Support to Thrive after Divorce

Breakthrough Divorce to Newly Single Thriving

by Leslie Gunterson

Learn how to manage anxiety in this mini-course. In just a few hours you can be feeling back in charge of your life and ready to calmly and confidently move forward. 

Optimize your weight and health

Breakthrough to Your Healthy, Optimizal Weight

by Leslie Gunterson

Learn evidence-based nutrition and experience hypnosis and education to support you in choosing the lifestyle and nutrition you need to optimize your weight.


Transform Your Relationships and Energy

Get Access to Our Best Transformational Courses to Make Life Changes

Wealth Attraction Kickstarter Experience.. attract the wealth you want

Transform Your Relationship With Money

by Leslie Gunterson

Ever feel like you are literally pushing money away from you, driving opportunities and even people away from you? In this extensive course, you will change all of that. 

The Healthy Weigh Down Program

Transform Your Relationship with Food

by Leslie Gunterson

Ever feel like your eating is out of control? In this course you will change the way you think about food, nutrition and how you eat from the inside out.  

Transform your relationship with yourself

Transform Your Relationship with Yourself

by Leslie Gunterson

Find Epic Self-love. Re-program your beliefs, esteem, and values to change your relationships around you and your life. Finally, be able to create life on your own terms. 


How do our courses work?

We've got something for every budget starting with just a few dollars or jumping in to make significant life changes, New Life Paradigm has you covered!

Leslie Gunterson New Life Designer and Change Agent

Leslie Gunterson: Head Life Designer

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  • Learn at your own pace

  • Take your own time to go through our courses. It doesn't matter if it takes you a day or a month, you can go as fast or as paced as you need. 

  • Change from the inside out

  • All our courses work at the foundational core level. Not only will you make change at the foundation, but also you will learn the tools of this type of change. 

  • Learn in Community or on Your Own

  • When you work with us, you'll get access to a private communities where you'll be able to connect with fellow life changers and increase your learning.

  • Content available 24/7

  • It doesn't matter where you are, or what day is it. You'll always have access to our content. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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    Be Sexy and Have More Fun Counter Anxiety

    Be Sexy: Counter Anxiety.. 

    by Leslie Gunterson

    Learn how to use a simple shift of your mindset to change how you interact with your world. Not only will you experience less anxiety but also, more fun! Use it at home, work, or anywhere you want. 

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    The Energy of Abundance Book

    The Energy of Abundance

    by Erica Glessing featuring Leslie Gunterson and others.

    Learn how to what the energy of abundance is, what it can do for you, and how to increase it with tips from multiple experts in the field of manifestation and finance.  

    Pearls of Wisdom Jack Canfield, Leeslie

    Pearls of Wisdom:

    30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now

    by Jack Canfield featuring Leslie Gunterson and others

    Learn tips for living your best life now in this compilation of experts sharing their best ideas.

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