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New Life Paradigm NLP for Life Change

Turn Overwhelm to Calm, Confidence..

In Under 30 Minutes

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  • Does Overwhelm Have You Stuck? Do you want to:

    • Let go of overwhelm forever?
    • Create forward momentum?
    • Get more things done while feeling better?

    This is for you if you are: 

    • overwhelmed with the tasks, finances, and emotions
    • struggling to get anything done, except spinning plates 
    • stuck with spinning thoughts and no action
    • wondering how to get in motion after a set-back
    • avoiding people, avoiding tasks, and stuck in limbo with too much to do, and no way to prioritize 

    I’ll Get You Unstuck, In Motion, and Getting Things Done in Less Than 30 Minutes! 

    Included in this course:

    • The Full Experience of Busting Through Your Overwhelm
    • Explanation of Why This Works Scientifically
    • Bonus #1: Calm, Confidence Meditation
    • Bonus #2: Crash Course in Neuroscience
    • Bonus #3: Crash Course in How Your Unconscious Mind Works
    • Additional Bonus: “Re-Imagined Life” Session with Leslie (when the course is completed).

  • Does Overwhelm Have You Stuck? Do you want to:

    • Let go of overwhelm forever? 
    • Create forward momentum?
    • Get more things done while feeling better? 

  • Turn Overwhelm to Calm Confidence in Under 30 Minutes

    Introduction to the program and a Quiz

    You will get an Introduction to the course and instructor. Additionally, you can take a quick quiz, so you know if you benefitted from the experience.

    The Overwhelm Buster Experience

    Try the  Experience and Learn Why it Works

    Learn how to bust through the overwhelm quickly and create an action taking guide to keep you calm and confident throughout the day keeping the overwhelm at bay. 

    Turn Overwhelm to Confidence Next Steps

    What's Next and a Post Experience  Quiz

    Learn how to keep managing the feeling of overwhelm and take a post experience quiz to see how much the experience helped you to bust through your overwhelm

    How to turn Overwhelm to calm confidence in under 30 minutes

    Crash Course Video 1

    Neuroscience of Emotions

    Learn about your brain and how it processes emotions and overwhelm and how to train it to process being calm and confident.

    How to turn Overwhelm to calm confidence in under 30 minutes

    Crash Course Video 2

    NLP Model of Communication

    Learn the NLP Model of Communication and why what you think is truth.. just might not be exactly as you think. 

    How to turn Overwhelm to calm confidence in under 30 minutes

    Crash Course Video 3

    Calming Guided Meditation

    Experience and learn a meditation to take you to a place of calm and confidence. Remove your stress and experience unconditional love. 


    Your instructor

    Leslie Gunterson Life Designer

    Leslie Gunterson

    Life Designer | Change Agent

    Leslie is a mind power expert, educator, and strategist dedicated to helping you transform your life, easily and quickly by tapping into your core mind power. She helps you change your relationship with yourself so you can make, the changes you want living and happier! 



    Praise for Leslie's Work

    It's a very interesting experience to me. I highly recommend everyone should at least get on Leslie's session for once to gain this wonderful experience. People nowadays need the guidance to stay positive and test negative!!!

    Sherry, Sunnyvale CA

    This is fantastic. Within seconds all stress starts to fade away and relaxation and joy take their place. Leslie Gunterson, knows how to get to the heart of the challenge and find ways to overcome them fast and easy.

    Chuck, Victoria BC

    Leslie is an amazing asset for personal growth. She has tremendous knowledge and great tools to cause breakthroughs and she helped me move my life forward. She is empowering and demonstrates immense kindness. I love working with her.

    Florence, Pensecola FL 

    Leslie has helped me breakthrough issues that have been with me all my life. Leslie has really helped me better understand me, and how to live my life so much better. I used the tools Leslie has given me whenever I feel like I am in need of them.

    Kurt, Santa Cruz CA

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